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South Florida Bail Bonds ProcessThe Defendant when detained may be taken either to Police Station in the city they are in, or to the County Jail. The Intake Process then takes place. This Process can take Several hours depending on how busy the intake facility is at the time. A breakdown of this process is as follows:


  • Searched
  • Photographed
  • Property Intake
  • Fingerprinted
  • Nurse Interview
  • Then the Defendant will receive their bond amount
  • Defendant will then be aloud one free phone Call
  • Moved to the housing unit
  • Finally at this time the Intake Facility will allow a Licensed Bondsman to Post the Bond

After an Inmates bond has been posted it can take 8-12 hours for the Defendant to be Released.

It is Extremely Important that the Defendant comes into our Office within 48 hours of their Release to Complete their Bond Application.

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The Bail Bondsman checklist
When you Call Us Please Have The Following Ready to Ensure the Quickest and Easiest Application Time

  • Defendants Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • County they Were Arrested In
  • Jail Number
  • Facility they are being housed In
  • Date Arrested

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Disclaimer: Agent Leslie Trista- Wright is not a financing agency or has any affiliation to any finance agencies. Bail Bond Agent Leslie Trista- Wright works with you to set up an easy payment plan tailored to your financial situation. State and Federal Bonds differ in percentage to be charged for premium. Collatertal and/ or property taken in collateral has no effect on the percentage you will pay in premium.Leslie Trista-Wright works with 001 Alicea Bail Bonds and Fireline Bail Bonds.