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Bail Bonds FAQ

Bail Bonds Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Do I need collateral for a bail bond?
A. Bail bond Agent Leslie Trista Wright does not always require collateral. Every case is different and this would depend on the amount of your bail bond. If you are concerned with how to come up with the money for a bond please contact one of our bail bond representatives and we will go over all of your options.

Q. What is a bail bond?
A. A bail bond is defined as a formal document that gives bail for someone to be released from custody. In other words, we cover the cost to have you (or your loved one) released from jail until your trial.

Q. Is "Bail bond Agent Leslie Trista Wright" associated with law enforcement?
A. No, bail bond agent and bail bondsman are not affiliated with any law enforcement agencies and work as a separate, civilian entity. We are here to protect your rights. However, many of our bail bondsman have backgrounds in law enforcement.

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Bail Bonds FAQ

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Disclaimer: Agent Leslie Trista- Wright is not a financing agency or has any affiliation to any finance agencies. Bail Bond Agent Leslie Trista- Wright works with you to set up an easy payment plan tailored to your financial situation. State and Federal Bonds differ in percentage to be charged for premium. Collatertal and/ or property taken in collateral has no effect on the percentage you will pay in premium.Leslie Trista-Wright works with 001 Alicea Bail Bonds and Fireline Bail Bonds.