Bail Bond Rules

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Bail Bond Rules

Bail Bond Rules

Here are a few things to ask: (the first question, by far, being the most important):
  • Are you a licensed bail bond agent?
  • Will you revoke the defendant’s bond if not forfeited/under what circumstances?
  • Will you list any reporting requirements or other conditions of bail?
  • How long have you been a licensed bail agent/ how old is your company?
  • Has your license ever been suspended or restricted, and why?
  • Have any clients sued you in the last year?
  • How many homes did you start foreclosure on last year?
  • Will you put in writing all the payment plan terms?
  • Will you itemize all your expenses on bond forfeiture?

So now, you have a good idea of scams some bail bondsmen will use to try and manipulate their clients.
Don't forget, a bail bond agency can not charge less than 10% of the bail for state bonds, 15% for federal bonds and Immigration Bonds. Please do not allow anyone to take advantage of you in a time of need every bail bond agent will have state issued identification card. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is; a licensed bail bond agent will not give a reduced rate as this is illegal he will not take money from you without giving you a receipt, every receipt has the agency's name, address and phone number and are Numbered additionally all receipts will be signed by the agent and their identification number should be written on it.

Reputable companies will accept cash or checks for that 10% fee. The larger companies will offer interest free payment plans. (Always get payment plans in writing) There are those occasions where the amount is such that collateral may be required, so be prepared if you think this will be the case. It assures the bail bond company that not only will they receive their fee, but they will also be more confident that the arrestee would appear in court. Home equity, other property equity, an indemnity agreement, promissory note, stocks, jewelry, or most any other asset with an established value may be considered collateral.

Florida Bail Bonds Statutes

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