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Fireline bail bonds 1395 NW 15 Street Miami, Fl. 33125
001 Alicea Bail bonds 2725 NW 17 Ave Miami FL 32142
Mailing Address 18495 South Dixie Highway suite 216 Miami FL 33157

All And Any Defendants Bonded out by Leslie Trista-Wright Bail Bonds Must come in to our office within 48 hours of their Release failure to do so may in fact be a direct Violation of your Bail Bond Terms and Conditions.

  • You may not leave the County without Written permission of Leslie Trista-Wright Bail Bonds.
  • If you Change Your Address you have to notify the Office 24 Hours Before you do So.
  • If you Change your Phone Number you must notify the Office within 24 hours of doing So.
  • Committing and getting arrested for a new Crime not being a traffic Violation.
  • If the Defendant lies and/or gives any False information on their Bond Application

If you Violate any of the above mentioned terms and conditions it is an IMMEDIATE Violation of your Bail Bonds Conditions and will result in a Bond REVOCATION and you will be detained and taken back to Jail.

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Disclaimer: Agent Leslie Trista- Wright is not a financing agency or has any affiliation to any finance agencies. Bail Bond Agent Leslie Trista- Wright works with you to set up an easy payment plan tailored to your financial situation. State and Federal Bonds differ in percentage to be charged for premium. Collatertal and/ or property taken in collateral has no effect on the percentage you will pay in premium.Leslie Trista-Wright works with 001 Alicea Bail Bonds and Fireline Bail Bonds.